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Basics/HPC-User: [[make]], [[cmake]], [[Ssh_keys]], [[compiler]], [[Modules]], [[Vim]],  [[screen/tmux]], [[ssh]] [[python/pip]], [[scp]], [[rsync]], [[git]], [[shell]], [[chmod]], [[tar]], [[sh-file]], [[NUMA]]
Basics/HPC-User: [[make]], [[cmake]], [[ssh_keys]], [[compiler]], [[Modules]], [[vim]],  [[screen/tmux]], [[ssh]] [[python/pip]], [[scp]], [[rsync]], [[git]], [[shell]], [[chmod]], [[tar]], [[sh-file]], [[NUMA]]

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Welcome to the HPC Wiki the source for site-independent High Performance Computing Information.

<<-- On the left hand there are different target groups with their respective material.

Target Groups

- Basics

- HPC-User

- HPC-Developer


Getting_Started is a basic guide for first-time users. It covers a wide range of topics from access and login to system-independant concepts of Unix systems to data transfers. While this gives an overview, all articles in the Basics Section are written with really inexperienced users in mind, to explain concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

A similar article in the Users and Developer Section are planned, but not yet finished.

Look into the FAQs to see tips and instructions on How-to-Contribute to this wiki.


General: How-to-Contribute

Basics/HPC-User: make, cmake, ssh_keys, compiler, Modules, vim, screen/tmux, ssh python/pip, scp, rsync, git, shell, chmod, tar, sh-file, NUMA

HPC-Dev: Load_Balancing, Performance Engineering, correctness checking

HPC-Programs: Measurement tools, Likwid, Vampir, Score-P, MUST

HPC-Pages: Software, Access, Site-specific_documentation, measurement-tools, likwid