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Welcome to HPC Wiki of the ProPE Project.

This website is currently work-in-progress and aims to provide a site independant HPC documentation.


Getting_Started is a basic guide for first-time users. It covers a wide range of topics from access and login to system-independant concepts of Unix systems to data transfers.



Create pages with help of the Sample Page

Basics documentation:

Load_Balancing, make, cmake, Ssh_keys, compiler, software-tools, Modules, vi/vim, screen/tmux, ssh python/pip, scp, rsync, git, ps, shell, chmod, umask, tar, sh-file

HPC-Programs: Measurement tools, Likwid, Vampir, Score-P, MUST

HPC-Pages: PE-Process, correctness checking, Software, Access, Site-specific_documentation, measurement-tools, likwid