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Since the HPC-Wiki is an project to create a comprehensive knowledgebase, the primary focus is to ensure it's smooth operation and the operators of this site will handle all data accordingly. Whenever you edit an article, everything that you wrote or uploaded will be publicly available in conjunction with your username. Other than that this works just like every other wiki and your data will be handled similarly.

If that was not explicit enough, here is a longer and more detailed version:

On principle, you can use this website without revealing your identity. However, by voluntarily sending information to this page, this needs to be processes to make the web Technology work. Here is a short and explicitly non-exhausting list of data that we might get, store and use every time you visit this site:

  • time of request
  • Hostname/IP Adress
  • Remote user
  • http Headers
  • status
  • referer Header
  • user agent
  • ...

we usually keep those around no longer than 14 days (+ approx 7 days in the backup system).

When you log in to edit, we get more information about you from the Shibboleth authentication, which we use to create a user for you. This user and the attached information is retained indefinitely, but you can request we delete it. Furthermore in that case we retain your IP and eventually other http information for approximately 100 days to combat spam and vandalism. Furthermore, everything you post, will be retained indefinitely and transfer the intellectual property of this content to us. Since you can only do that, when you wrote it yourself, please respect other's work, ask them for permission before you post anything that is not yours and generally abide by common sense and copyright laws.

If you have any question concerning the use of your data, please don't hesitate to ask and we will do our best, to give you all the non-legally-binding information we have.