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This page gives a general overview on how to contribute to the wiki. This includes login, editing and other tips and best practices. This page is not about how to write a page itself, e.g. how to insert a picture or a code snippet. For this, either refer to Wiki Syntax or view the source code of this Sample Page.


Before editing or creating a wiki page, you first need to log in via the link in the top right corner. The login uses Shibboleth, which means that you can log in with the login data from your home university (provided this university is authenticated to eduGAIN). If there are any problems with the login, please write an email to the administrators.

Editing vs Disussion

All changes to the wiki are reviewed. This especially means that you should feel free to fix mistakes or typing errors instantly. Improvements are always welcome in order to increase the quality of the wiki! If you are unsure about a certain piece of information, you can also start a discussion. Note that renaming a page may not be a minor edit because the quality of a title might be controversial. If you still want to rename a page, make sure to use the 'move' feature and fix double redirects because they are not followed automatically.

Wiki Structure

When creating or editing pages, keep the wiki structure in mind. Do not include details in general pages if those details are specific to certain clusters. Instead, split the information into a site-specific page and and a general page. Furthermore, you should adapt to the reader's knowledge. A page which is listed in HPC-Dev is aimed at HPC programmers so you do not need to explain how to open a Shell. In contrast, pages listed in HPC-User should explain the basics of HPC to people which are not too familiar with the subject.

Further Tips

Many features for editing are listed under Tools. One useful tool is 'What links here' which shows a list of all pages which have a link to the page you visited when clicking on the tool. This can be used to fix double redirects. Other useful pages can be found under 'Special pages' in the Tools section, e.g. a page listing all pages, a page listing all files, etc.