Introduction to Linux in HPC/Linux Directory Structure

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Introduction to Linux in HPC/Linux Directory Structure /
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Linux Introduction Slides 33 - 48 (16 pages)

Slide Layout

   page 1: 
       Windows: drive letter + backslash (C:)
       Linux: standard tree directory structure
       Absolute path: starts with /
       Relative path: w.r.t. working directory
   page 2 - 11: 
       Animation for directory structure
       example directories
   page 12: 
       everything is a file: /dev and /proc
       program/script can be found with which
       special directories: ., .. and ~
   page 13: 
       cd command
   page 14: 40 sec
       ls command
   page 15: 
       specific commands: Ctrl+key (C, Z, D), exit and clear
   page 16: 
       no undo
       make sure what you want to do


Which keys can be used for command history?

A. up- and down-arrow keys
B. Page-up and Page-down keys

Info:  Working directory in console reminds user, where they are. (page 3)

Warning:  In command line user may forget where they are. (page 2)
Child processes may stop, if parent shell exits. (page 2)