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Parallel programming (read more [[Parallel programming|here]]):
Parallel programming (read more [[Parallel_Programming|here]]):
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| Parameter || Function
| Parameter || Function

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#BSUB Usage

If you are writing a jobscript for an LSF batch system, the magic cookie is "#BSUB". To use it, start a new line in your script with "#BSUB". Following that, you can put one of the parameters shown below, where the word written in <...> should be replaced with a value.

Basic settings:

Parameter Function
-J <name> job name
-o <path> path to the file where the job output is written
-e <path> path to the file for the job error output (if not set, it will be written to output file as well)

Requesting resources:

Parameter Function Default
-W <runlimit> runtime limit in the format [hour:]minute; once the time specified is up, the job will be killed by the scheduler 00:15
-M <memlimit> memory limit per process in MB 512
-S <stacklimit> limit of stack size per process in MB 10

Parallel programming (read more here):

Parameter Function
-a openmp start a parallel job for a shared-memory system
-n <num_threads> number of threads to execute OpenMP application with
-a openmpi start a parallel job for a distributed-memory system
-n <num_procs> number of processes to execute MPI application with