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Performance Analysis Tools

Hardware Counter Measurement Tools and APIs

  • Perf: The main interface in the Linux kernel and a corresponding user-space tool to measure hardware counters
  • PAPI (Performance-API): A generic API for applications to measure different aspects of the system. For hardware performance counters it uses the perf backend for measurements. Other plugins for GPU and other components exist
  • PCM (Performance Counter Monitor): A higher level tool and API that provides common metrics like memory bandwidth and NUMA traffic. The API also provides access to any hardware counter event
  • PMU-Tools: A set of Python scripts that use the perf backend
  • LIKWID: Command line applications and API to measure hardware events which can use perf as backend but also provides other backends to be independent of the kernel version

Performance Measurement and Analysis Tools

  • ARM Performance Reports: A tool that provides a simple one page HTML (or TXT) report that highlights processor, memory, communication and I/O issues and offers advice on how to improve the performance.
  • Arm MAP: Another tool from ARM with more detailed view, somehow alike Intel VTune
  • HPC-Toolkit: Toolkit to sample timers and hardware performance counters for serial and parallel applications
  • Intel Advisor: A vectorization and threading optimization tool
  • Intel VTune: A performance profiling tool to analyse algorithms and hardware usage for serial and parallel applications
  • Intel Performance Snapshot, a tool for simple overview of performace metrics, somehow alike ARM Performance Report
  • Score-P: A Scalable Performance Measurement Infrastructure for Parallel Codes
    • Vampir: A scalable framework for performance analysis using PAPI as backend
    • Scalasca Trace Tools: A performance optimisation tool for runtime behaviour measurement and analysis of parallel programs
    • TAU: Utilities to sample or instrument code for hardware counters and other metrics
    • Cube

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