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Score-P is a performance measurement infrastructure for profiling, event tracing and online analysis of (parallel) HPC applications. It allows users to instrument and record the behavior of sequential, multi-process (MPI, SHMEM), thread-parallel (OpenMP, Pthreads) and accelerator-based (CUDA, OpenCL) applications as well as hybrid parallel applications. Profile data, in CUBE4 format, can be viewed with CUBE. The Score-P trace files, in OTF2 format, can be visualized using Vampir.


Score-P supports a great variety of analysis tools and is open to new ones:

It comes with the new Open Trace Format Version 2, the Cube4 profiling format and the Opari2 instrumenter and is available under the New BSD Open Source license.

Score-P Plugins

Score-P provides two plugin interfaces: metrics, which allows integrating new metric sources, and substrates, which allows adding new event consumers besides profiling and tracing. You can also write your own plugins.


Score-P website.