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To get access to a supercomputer, please have a look at the possibilities of the facility you are associated with:

IT Center - RWTH Aachen RWTH Compute Cluster Access

Project Submission

RRZE - FAU Erlangen RRZE Serverdienste
ZIH - TU Dresden ZIH Access
PC2 - University Paderborn PC2 Become a user
HRZ - TU Darmstadt HPC Access
RRZK - University of Cologne CHEOPS HPC Access
ZIMT - University Siegen Cluster Access
WWU IT - University of Münster HPC Access
HPC/A-Lab - University of Bonn HPC/A Information

You might also apply for computing resources through the German Gauss Center for Supercomputing and the partnership for advanced computing in Europe (PRACE). This, however, mainly targets large projects that need massive amounts of computing time for highly scalable applications. Therefore the entry barrier to these pooled resources is generally higher, than the one at your local computing center.