SSH X Forwarding and File Transfer

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Introduction to Linux in HPC/SSH Graphics File Transfer
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Title: Introduction to Linux in HPC
Provider: HPC.NRW

Type: Multi-part video
Topic Area: HPC Platforms
License: CC-BY-SA

1. Background and History
2. The Command Line
3. Linux Directory Structure
4. Files
5. Text display and search
6. Users and permissions
7. Processes
8. The vim text editor
9. Shell scripting
10. Environment variables
11. System configuration
12. SSH Connections
13. SSH: Graphics and File Transfer
14. Various tips

This tutorial explains how to view a graphical program that runs on a remote computer, e.g. an HPC cluster, on your local computer with X-forwarding. It also describes how to copy files between your local computer and a remote computer as well as copying files between two remote computers with SCP.


( Slides as pdf)


Which operating system do you need on your local computer to forward your graphical programs from a Linux cluster to it via ssh-X-forwarding?

This only works if your local computer runs Linux.
This works if your local computer runs Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
It works on any operating system out of the box.

Is X-Forwarding with -X or with -X -Y more secure?

Only using -X instead of -X -Y is more secure.
Using -X -Y instead of -Y is more secure.
There is no difference.

Can you access files on your local computer in a program that was started via X-forwarding on a different computer?


Who can you copy a directory mydir on your local computer via scp to the home directory of the user username on the remote computer remotehost?

scp mydir username@remotehost
scp mydir username@remotehost:~
scp -r mydir username@remotehost:~

Are there graphical variants that you can use instead of scp?


Note: no exercises in this section

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