MPI in Small Bites

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Title: MPI in Small Bites
Provider: HPC.NRW

Type: Multi-part video
Topic Area: Programming Paradigms
License: CC-BY-SA

1. Introduction and Overview
2. Basic Concepts
3. Blocking Point-to-Point Communication


Welcome to the HPC.NRW OpenMP Online Tutorial!

Using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the de-facto standard for parallel distributed-memory programming. MPI defines an API for portable and scalable process-based parallelism.

How to proceed through this tutorial?

This tutorial is targeted for novice HPC developers as an initial introduction to distributed-memory programming with MPI.

The tutorial is made up of several sections, each covering a separate stand-alone topic, but they are designed to be worked through in order.

Each tutorial consists of a short video, followed by a couple of quiz questions for a self control. Everything in the tutorial is platform-independent and works with every operating system with an OpenMP-compatible compiler available. Although most examples are written in C/C++, the fundamental concepts also work with Fortran.

If you have any questions or encounter problems, you can contact us via e-mail at

Who created this tutorial?

This tutorial has been developed within the framework of the HPC.NRW project. It is part of a series of online tutorials on various HPC-related topics, all of which were created by HPC.NRW members.

The initial online course is based on the in-person MPI courses developed at the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University. The speaker is Dr. Marc-André Hermanns from RWTH Aachen University. Marc-André works at the university's IT center and has been an active member of the MPI Forum for many years.


Introduction and Overview

This session provides a brief introduction of distributed-memory programming and

Basic Concepts

This session introduces basic concepts and terminology of MPI.

Blocking Point-to-Point Communication

This session provides an introduction into the point-to-point communication paradigm as defined by MPI.