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This template can be used to typeset the specific syllabus of an online tutorial including some meta information.

As the syllabus should be on the page of every part, one should create a specific template with the details of the tutorial as shown below.

 {{Tutorial Syllabus
 | title = Introduction to HPC
 | provider = [https://institute.org/ Some Institution]
 | contact = contact@provider.org
 | type = Multi-part video
 | topic = Platform
 | license = {{License_CCBYSA}}
 | intro = Tutorial
 | part1 = [[Tutorial/Part1 | Part 1 ]]
 | part2 = [[Tutorial/Part2 | Part 2 ]]

Then, the specific template can be included on each part of the tutorial, without having to repeat the arguments on each part.

Title: Introduction to HPC
Provider: Some Institution

Contact: contact@provider.org
Type: Multi-part video
Topic Area: Platform
License: CC-BY-SA

1. Part 1
2. Part 2