GPU Computing (Introduction)

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GPU Tutorial/Introduction
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Title: Introduction to GPU Computing
Provider: HPC.NRW

Type: Multi-part video
Topic Area: GPU computing
License: CC-BY-SA

1. Introduction
2. Several Ways to SAXPY: CUDA C/C++
3. Several Ways to SAXPY: OpenMP
4. Several Ways to SAXPY: Julia
5. Several Ways to SAXPY: NUMBA

This video introduces GPU computing and the SAXPY.


(Slides as pdf)


1. For which kind of program can we expect improvements with GPUs?

serial programs
parallel programs

2. What does GPU stands for?

graphics processing unit
grand powerful unit

3. Why do we expect an overhead in the GPU timings?

The data must be copied to an extra device first and has to be transferred back later
A GPU core is "weaker" than a CPU core
For "small" problems like the SAXPY, the whole power of a GPU is rarely used
All of the above