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Title: Git Tutorials
Provider: HPC.NRW

Type: Online
Topic Area: Revision control
License: CC-BY-SA

1. Basic Git overview
2. Creating and Changing Repositories
3. Branching

This tutorial is meant to help you with revision control of your own or your team's code. Though multiple revision control tools do exist we will focus here on Git, which is free and open-source. In particular, these tutorials will often show the usage of Git with GitHub, which is one of the most common implementations of Git. Nevertheless, the tutorials will always make a clear distinction between Git in general and one of its implementations. Many tutorials do already exist and GitHub has an interactive section, where you can practice and learn new skills directly within the GitHub interface. When appropriate, we will link to those interactive tutorials in the different sections.


Basic Git overview

If you just need a short overview of Git (without GitHub) the Git hpc-wiki page might be enough.

Creating and Changing Repositories

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a completelly new repository and how to clone an existing one. Further this tutorial will explain how, once a repository exists, you can make changes to it (e.g., adding new files to it or modifying existing ones). This applies to local and remote repositories.


What are branches? How and why should you use them?

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