Intel VTune Tutorial: Useful Tips

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Intel VTune Tutorial/Useful Tips
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Title: Intel VTune Tutorial
Provider: HPC.NRW

Type: Multi-part video
Topic Area: Performance analysis
License: CC-BY-SA

1. Introduction
2. CPU Architecture
3. Analysis Types
4. Useful Tips

This fourth tutorial of the Intel VTune series contains a loose collection of tips and tricks that did not fit anywhere else. It covers the commandline interface, steering data taking with the ITT API, and third party tooling.


(Slides as pdf)



1. How can you get help on VTunes commandline interface?

vtune -help
vtune --help
vtune -h

2. How can you get the CLI command of a configured analysis in the GUI?

This is not possible
It is automatically printed in a log file
By pressing the 4th button at the bottom right on the "Configure Analysis" screen

3. What are typical causes of non-deterministic effects on profile results?

Quantum mechanical effects in the CPU
Unstable system clocks
Network communication, statistical nature of event based sampling, other processes competing for resources

4. What is the ITT API?

A library to integrate a standalone profiler with a program during compilation
An interactive VTune tutorial that automatically uses your program as an example
A library for instrumentation and tracing. Allows for steering profile collection from the source code